Why & Who?

Too Baptist is a collaborative blog between three friends serving in churches of the Southern Baptist Convention. Our purpose is to provide a forum for discussing topics relevant to the life of local churches, individual Christians, or concerned citizens in general. Each of this blog’s outspoken contributors bring differing theological, political, and personal opinions and convictions to the issues discussed.


Dave is a hairy young man from the hills of Tennessee. Despite having handsome parents and a stunningly good-looking little brother, nothing about Dave’s looks would attract people to him. Somehow he found a great wife, Crystal, and has two sons who continually torment him with their clever verbal jabs. About a decade after obtaining his GED, Dave obtained his M.Div. from the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville. Dave now ministers in the coal country of Eastern Kentucky, and summarizes his political thought as “pro-coal.”

Dave likes long walks alone at night and used to be a sub-par tennis player, but that was years ago. Now he could best be described as nonathletic, although he does like to shoot old computers and old cats with his collection of guns. He has a lot of friends, though, due to his magnetic personality. The amazing humility he displays is dwarfed only by his ability to remember just about anything he reads or hears, and his recent weight loss has caused many who see him to compare him to a chubby Brad Pitt.

James R.

James R. is a past and future foreign missionary who has served as a staff member at several churches in the past 15 years, interspersed with volunteer roles in the laity and 3 years of church planting in East Africa. He is married and has one daughter, Rebekah. James holds an undergraduate degree in Business Administration and graduate degrees in Foreign Missions, World Religions, and Church History.

Having been raised in a predominantly atheistic environment and now holding to a strong view of the Sovereignty of God causes James R.’s theology to appear to vacillate between theological camps, but in reality he just likes to play devil’s advocate on a lot of issues. Fascinated by foreign cultures, James often struggles to come to terms with which political system is most viable in a fallen world and how various religions arise from sociological and historical causes in different cultures. At times James doesn’t want the government intruding in his life, but at other times he’s willing to give up his own privacy “rights”–he doesn’t mind taking off his shoes or getting body scanned at the airports.

James T.

James Thompson serves as a deacon of the Edgewater Baptist Church in New Orleans, Louisiana. He is a father of four along with his wife, Pam, who homeschools their children. James has completed a Bachelor of Arts in Christian Ministry from Leavell College at the New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. He is currently enrolled in the Master of Arts in Theology program at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary where is pursuing a specialization in Church History. James intends to pursue Ph.D. studies in the field of Church History with the intent of being a pastor-teacher in the local church and writing curriculum for use in the local church. James currently works as a programmer and IT specialist.

Theologically, James considers himself Reformed, although he admits to having concerns about the way Reformed theology can lead to an overly scholastic emphasis on Systematic Theology. Politically, James describes himself as a Constitutional Conservative who is concerned with the erosion of liberties and the imbalances of power at all levels of American political life.