Wondering what to expect from Shawn McCraney

Last year I wrote a number of posts about Shawn McCraney, a well known ex-Mormon here in Utah. For years Shawn has had a television program where he confronted Mormon teachings with the Bible and critiqued their history, theology and organization. Then, at the beginning of last year, he announced his intention to go after American Evangelicalism. I was cautiously supportive of Shawn and publicly stated why and identified some things that bothered me about the way some Utah Evangelicals were responding to Shawn.

Well, it’s been over a year since the first post and Shawn is embroiled in another controversy. This one is a bit more substantial in my estimation. Lately Shawn has been teaching things that sound a lot like denials of basic Christian doctrines. He appears to now be denying the Trinity and the eternality of Hell. Tonight Shawn is hosting a public Question and Answer session. I will be attending it since I have withheld judgement up to this point despite my misgivings about Shawn’s teachings, hoping for him to offer more clarity.

Tonight, I am hoping for that additional clarity before I make up my mind about how to regard Shawn in relation to the body of Christ. I’m hoping that he’ll clarify his beliefs sufficiently to allow me to continue regarding him as a brother in Christ. But, I am honestly not sure what to expect. I will hold on to hope and be sure to respond with as much charity and understanding as Scripture demands.

It is going to be an interesting evening in Utah.

Two Months in LDS Central

LDS Church's Salt Lake Temple
LDS Church's Salt Lake Temple - Courtesy of dmott9 from Flickr

Back in March I moved from New Orleans, Louisiana, out to Provo, Utah, and since that time have been trying to take advantage of the fact that I now live in an environment where I am the peculiar person of faith. Evangelical Christianity and Baptists are a pronounced minority in this area and many of the brothers and sisters in Christ I have met out here testify to the hardship of living in the midst of such a strongly LDS (Mormon) culture. What I want to share and get some feedback on is how I’ve interacted with the LDS missionaries, coworkers and other individuals I have met since moving out here, and hopefully to offer some practical advice and encouragement to those who are living alongside me in this context, or any context where evangelical Christianity is not so dominant as it is in other parts of the United States. Read more